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Hiring for company culture, productivity and growth in the "new normal"!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Recruiting a strong, happy and ultimately successful team to meet your companies goals is critical and while there have been some advancements in recruiting tech it is still a laborious task that needs great focus and due diligence. Recently I have found that HR departments are often complacent. While making use of the latest job posting and resume tracking, data mining software or web portals their approach post resume acquisition is dated and often not at all customized toward the specific goals of the position and department the role is meant to support. Here are a few of my favorite tips when recruiting a smashing team!

Resume Review & Top Candidate Selection Process

  1. Review resumes for top 5 relevant strengths in work experience

  2. Make sure candidates have a few positions that show longevity

  3. Hunt out any unique tasks, accomplishments or characteristic indicators to make use of in the interview!

  4. Set three tiers of candidates so that there are always readily available backup candidates within reach

  5. Keep a hit list of the department and role needs, keeping WHO FOR WHAT top of mind at all times.

Interviewing Process

  1. Highlight the top objectives and expectations of the role.

  2. Hit a few typical HR / Recruiting questions, the need to knows.

  3. Allow candidate time to run through their recent, most relevant few positions

  4. Ask unique questions based on their review of experience!

  • You mentioned you really enjoyed the company culture at X what do you feel made the difference?

  • What was your role in the success of the project?

  • Of all your previous roles, which did you find most challenging and why?

  • What are a few of your personal goals?

  • How would you envision your growth in the next 2-3 years?

  • What do you know about our company, what excites you about this work?

Finally CONNECT THE DOTS, not just the check marks on recruiting paper. I have learned that to create happy, energetic, highly collaborative, and productive teams the hiring entity must be the master of the puzzle. You know the needs, the energy and work pace so now you need to approach finding the perfect candidate with the mindset of incorporating the skills and merit they bring AS WELL AS does their energy fit, potential common interests to the team, can they bring a new perspective through diversity and how will this puzzle piece complete the puzzle. When this is done effectively with great care, a highly productive family is built. I have had several team members reach out to me after week one training to thank me for bringing them into such a powerful team setting. That is when all the due diligence has paid off!

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